What are the ColorMonsters?

3 min readJan 5, 2022


ColorMonsters is a collection of programmatically and randomly generated NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain.

Our mission is to uphold diversity and inclusion in every aspect of our project. Each ColorMonster is designed to be unique, to best represent the diversity of the human race, including those who might be excluded or marginalized in our society. This is brought to life in the level of detail of the 1st Collection of ColorMonsters, constructed from various furs, faces, outfits, horns, backpacks, headgear and accessories.

Holders will have exclusive access to airdrops, raffles, competitions, mystery gifts for our SuperMonsters, and more! With the drive and support of our community, we will create a harmonious and diverse environment, where our holders get rewarded and our projects continuously evolve and thrive.

About the founder and artist

Hi! My name is Belle, and I am a product designer in the tech space with over 10 years of experience designing websites and native mobile apps. I thrive in turning complex concepts into simple, beautiful and intuitive designs, to create a positive and delightful user experience. When I’m not designing or illustrating, you’ll find me cooking, traveling the world, or spending quality time with my family and frens.

Digital art is where my passion lies, and upon minting my first NFT, I was hooked. After several months in the NFT space, I decided to dive into building my own NFT project with a group of frens. This is how ColorMonsters was born.

What inspired the ColorMonsters?

Inclusion is the heart of ColorMonsters. We aim to be the most inclusive NFTs on the blockchain! Our passion lies with embracing all humans, of all cultural backgrounds, genders, preferences, abilities and needs. Whoever you are, you are welcome in the ColorMonsters community! Be you !roar

The founder and team behind ColorMonsters have all experienced exclusion growing up, either personally or through loved ones, such as a family member who thought they needed to hide their missing limbs, and frens who have experienced bullying due to their sexuality. We want our community to feel safe and accepted; free to be who they are, proud of their uniqueness, with no need to hide or feel judged. As NFT projects are driven by communities, we believe that building an inclusive community is vital to an NFT project’s success.

Overall we want to spread positivity through our adorable ColorMonsters, capturing hearts and imaginations!

Wen release date?

We aim to release the ColorMonsters into the blockchain in early 2022.

Is there a roadmap?

We have a roadmap v1.0, which is still evolving. As we value inclusivity, we are gathering feedback from our community; we want to make sure that we provide a roadmap that the community decides on.

We would love for you to join our colorful journey. Follow us on Twitter @colormonsternft for more updates and sneak peeks!




The most inclusive NFTs on the blockchain! Our passion lies with embracing all humans, of all cultural backgrounds, genders, abilities and needs. Be you !roar