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Cover image. The Inspiration.

Once upon a time, in a world far away, lived colorful monsters who would play all day! ColorMonsters, they are called, in a ColorMonstersWorld, where they welcome all to join, as they sing, dance and twirl! Of course, ColorMonsters also need to eat, and their diet of choice is a diet of sweets! Their favourite sweets? DONUTS to eat! You donut know how much they love these sweet treats! The ColorMonsters just cannot get enough — they sometimes take each other’s donuts and stuff! Then they run to the next rainbow town to hide out, but they’ll share in the end ’cause that’s what they’re about. They may be cheeky and love to have fun, but in the end they love and support everyone!

It is time for them to embark on a new adventure, to spread the power of inclusivity together! They’ll discover the secrets of their sweet abilities, and accept and embrace each other with positivity. Everyone in the ColorMonstersWorld belongs, with a love and acceptance that keeps going strong. Now they must spread the power of diversity and play, all while helping others along the way!

In the ColorMonsters world, everyone is equal. We want to create a community where everyone feels safe, welcome, and free to be who they are. Diversity, inclusion and belonging serve as the source of our inspiration.

“Diversity is having a seat at the table. Inclusion is having a voice. And belonging is having that voice be heard.” — Liz Fosslien

BlueMonster’s sketch
BlueMonster’s sketch

But what about the name “ColorMonsters”? Where did that come from?

The ColorMonsters came from my children. I am a parent of two toddlers who absolutely love, and fear, monsters. They love coloring in the monsters — they are the reason why BlueMonster has a donut on her horn, and why she carries a backpack around. They are also my inspiration for the themes and feelings around ColorMonsters. Children are pure-hearted and kind, loving and curious, and open-minded. This is what I want ColorMonsters to be. They are also a bit cheeky — we know that the ColorMonsters love donuts and can sometimes find it hard to share with their monster frens — just like my toddlers who are still learning the meaning of sharing.

BlueMonster’s character sheet. Showing facial expressions and different poses liking eating a donut and hugging a gigantic donut.
BlueMonster’s character sheet

Before becoming a parent, I worked for an Australian entertainment company. I was a UI Designer there, and worked on a children’s programming app that is similar to YouTube Kids. This was one of the most enjoyable jobs I was involved in; I had the opportunity to create the branding and the experience for the native apps. Now that I am a parent, I am more aware of what I want my kids to be watching. Growing up, children’s programming was important to me, and I want my children to be able to experience the same gift, but with even higher quality educational programming.

Animation is currently a big part of our roadmap. We want to bring the ColorMonsters to life, and use this piece to build the bridge between web3 and the conventional world. Why animation? Because animation enables us to tell stories and communicate emotions and ideas in a unique, easy-to-perceive way that both small children and adults can understand. Animation has a universal appeal that has helped connect people throughout the world, and is an imaginative and often heartfelt medium for fantastical, colorful storytelling and characters.

Color Monsters riding a candy car over the rainbow
The ColorMonstersWorld

The Characters

The ColorMonsters are like children. They are pure-hearted and kind, although they do make naughty choices sometimes. For one thing, they love DONUTS! OMG you donut know how much the ColorMonsters love their donuts! Donut underestimate their hunger for donuts (or donut-themed puns!). As a matter of fact, this is our ColorMonsters’ biggest weakness! But that’s okay, it’s safe to have vulnerabilities in our community. Our strengths and weaknesses combined make us who we are!

What’s in their backpacks? Well, lots of random things. This is something we want to be a part of our utilities as well. A backpack drop each week with goodies for our holders? Announcement coming soon.

The ColorMonsters World is a depiction of a child’s imagination, with lots of donuts, toys, sweets, and playtime that never ends! I have two toddlers who can provide me with the worlds they want to see, and of course, an involved and imaginative community. Inspiration abounds!

What If Animation Doesn’t Work?

Right now, our focus is on creating and developing pilot episodes for ColorMonsters. We plan to present the animated pilot series to investors and companies that run video-on-demand streaming services. However, we aren’t putting all of our eggs in one basket — we view ColorMonsters as a startup, wherein we are applying the lean start-up methodology, which stresses the impact of learning in new product development. The pilot episodes will serve as an MVP, and if this does not work, we can adjust and pivot with the feedback we receive. We are also gathering feedback from our community, as we value their voices in what projects we build, and believe that this will bring the ColorMonsters project success.

ColorMonsters wearing a prosthetic leg, in a wheelchair and wearing a hearing aid.
ColorMonsters wearing a prosthetic leg, in a wheelchair and wearing a hearing aid.

What will make the ColorMonsters unique from all these other children’s shows?

We want to deliver quality educational programming that will teach our children ethical behaviour. I sit with my children watching their favourite programs, and I feel that this aspect is often lacking, particularly when it comes to more visible inclusivity. There are not many shows out there currently wherein people with different abilities can relate and feel represented. I want to see a main character in a wheelchair, or a child wearing a hearing aid — this way, children who have these abilities can relate to them, and feel that they belong, and are valued. This also normalises differences in ability, so that children understand how everyone is different, and it’s okay!

ColorMonsters will provide children, parents and guardians with realistic life lessons, with storylines that focus on inclusivity, diversity and belonging. While our tone is loving, empathetic and positive, we want to deal with some of the real issues that kids face, like jealousy, or learning to work together, or when to ask for help. Too many kids’ shows are unrealistic or overly cheesy; they bash you over the head with kindness and the lessons they’re trying to teach. We want to create something a little more balanced, respecting children’s intelligence and teaching them ethical lessons through gentle and entertaining stories.

“Be the change you want to see in the world”

Color Monster playing.

The Future of Animation in the Web3 World

We want to give power back to the people, and grant our community rights to the digital items they own. With ColorMonsters, we hope to change what animation and ownership will be like in the future. Imagine owning a character from a show, and earning rewards because you hold that specific character as an NFT!

The NFT space has opened up new possibilities for people to achieve their dreams — this is our time and chance to make this happen. As I regularly tell my family, friends and colleagues: we are in a golden era right now, where NFT is the gateway to web3 and the metaverse. This space is very new to all of us, and we want to use it to innovate, experiment, and create a real life representation of our brand, with our values and community at its centre. We want to take this chance and give it everything we’ve got, make our dreams come true, and be part of the revolution in shaping the future of web3 for future generations.

Welcome to the ColorMonsters.

Written by BlueMonsterNFT

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