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Jobs may fill your pockets, but it's adventure that fills your soul. At least, this was how it felt when we embarked on the journey of creating ColorMonsters. After a month of being rugged, buying and selling NFTs, we decided — enough. We would build our own project. Millions of thoughts came to mind, how do we start? What’s important? Who can we speak to? So, we turned to who would know best — Google. A quick search told us that the path to having a successful project is to build a strong community with the people who would be investing in the NFT project. Without them, the project will fail. However, there were no stories and real-life experiences shared by NFT projects’ team members that we could learn from. And so, the final takeaway message for us, was that we needed a strong community.

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” — The African Proverbs.

Great things never come from comfort zones and so we dived right into building the ColorMonsters’ community. What a journey it has been. In our corporate lives, we never thought that we would be chatting with people all around the world on Discord, let alone share our daily thoughts and activities with them on a regular basis. Now, we would like to share with you our real-life experiences of how this journey has been for the ColorMonster Team.

The ColorMonsters discord

The number of users in a Discord or Twitter is not an accurate representation as to whether a project will do well or if the community is strong. Having one look at ColorMonsters, we realized the extent of how we preach diversity and inclusion, but this cannot be done without having like-minded people surrounding us. The ColorMonster Team are friends, we call each other out and hold each other accountable. We have set everything up professionally and with everyone’s experience collectively covering design, finance, science and marketing, we treat this as a business venture with individual contracts in place. We did this to ensure that we do right by our community and then we went in search of the right people to join us.

The day we opened the ColorMonster Discord Server was a nerve-wracking day, particularly for YellowMonster, to let the world see what we had been working on, to show them — us. Several thoughts rushed through our minds, we were new, would people judge us? What if they don’t like our art? What if we weren’t knowledgeable enough in this space? Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will. BlueMonster told us to be ready and so, we put aside all our IRL work and welcomed everyone that entered our server, and oh my... were we amazed.

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. So naturally, we can’t tell our story without involving the people in our community that have made a lasting impression on us.

Our Moderators

First up, BrHead Monster, is it pronounced Bread? Or Brrrrr — head, like it’s cold in here? We still do not know, and we refuse to ask because that takes the fun out of arguing about it in our ColorMonster Team meetings. Having a background of being part Filipino and Hispanic, born in Hawaii and working in Nebraska, you can tell the moment you engage in a conversation with BrHead that he has walked through life, experiencing it and not dragged through it. He is highly convinced that Australians live amongst the most dangerous and wild of animals, nothing can seem to convince him otherwise.

FriesMonster, we wouldn’t be where we are without the guidance of Fries helping us navigate different NFT projects. Being based in Malaysia we have no words to express our empathy for him losing his coffee shop business due to the current pandemic that has swept the world, yet we are grateful that he joined us.

Cart-0, our very own Mr. Cart. The most hilarious mechanical engineer you could possibly meet. This man pulls one-liners that can have the whole Monster Team in stitches and it is an experience that cannot be placed in words, a moment where you just have to be there to know. All jokes aside, Mr. Cart has always helped us collaborate with other projects regardless of how busy he is and it is his time that we appreciate.

NostraDrew, has there ever been a man who is so present and helpful in the ColorMonsters’ community? To somehow balance work, his family, his full-time studies in accounting and staying active in our community, definitely deserves a mention. Nostra stole OrangeMonster’s heart right away from the Mrs. Logging in every morning to see him helping everyone navigate the server, finding their colors, what to look for in other projects and of course saving our day, by being the host of our very first AMA.

Diversity and inclusion, which are the real grounds for creativity, must remain at the center of what we do. ~ Marco Bizzari

At ColorMonsters, we embrace diversity and inclusion, which BlueMonster has worked diligently to show, through the different traits designed on each monster. This then begs the question of how can we show it through more than just our art? After countless meetings and arguments, we decided it has to revolve around the community.

Dr. Wil Rose once said, “Success is not counted by how high you climbed but by how many people you brought with you.”

We are a strong team, with GoldMonster showing us the way with marketing, PinkMonster engaging our frens with games, RedMonster & GreyMonster are forever in the Sports channel with Johnl94, Pharaoh_21 and Cheese bantering around about who’s winning while YellowMonster & OrangeMonster are working on everyones’ well being in Calm Cave. We all invest time. Time spent getting to know our ColorMonsters’ community on a personal and quality level. We were so surprised to see the same level of commitment in return, we had so much help and support, that we encourage anyone who wants to build their own NFT project, to also step up to the game, because if your community has someone like Swani, who is always there to give you ideas, feedback and help you troubleshoot when your Movie Night Event has all the technical issues in the world. We guarantee you will not fail.

The ColorMonsters song

The ColorMonsters community has been growing at a steady rate, an organic growth. A common comment we hear around our channels is that our community feels like family and who doesn’t want to be around a place that feels like home? Nothing warms our heart more, to read those words. We never thought we would look forward to saying GM and GN every day to these new people in our lives, who are halfway across the globe.

There are friends, there is family and then there are friends that become family. This is the mutual feeling we share in our channels. A feeling of happiness and empowerment that everyone in our project actually wants to be there. For PurpleMonster, being a foster child at a young age, the sense of belonging in our community resonates strongly with her — it’s home.

Do you know what makes home feel like home? Food. We cannot have a food channel in the community without mentioning our resident chef Nonostante from Barcelona and let’s not forget Strawbeary.eth from Tokyo, both from different parts of the world but sharing amazing cuisines with us almost daily, making us hope that one day, we’ll get to travel again to their side of the world.

It is so important to attract like-minded people like 0xDab who believe in ColorMonsters’ mission and values and what we are striving to bring into web3. So much so, that he created a YouTube video featuring us and we are forever grateful. We are not only here for the next 2–6 months, we are here to build the ColorMonsters brand and business, for many years to come. If you share the same values as we do, we invite you to join our family and be a part of our journey in shaping the future of the ColorMonsters.

To the ColorMonsters’ community, this was written for you. The team is always busy working on the next big thing, but never mistake for a second that we have forgotten any of the undying laughter we have shared. We see you.

We would love for you to join our colorful journey. Follow us on Twitter @colormonsternft for more updates and sneak peeks!




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