Meet the ColorMonsters Team

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The women behind ColorMonsters

Belle AKA BlueMonster: Founder & Artist

I grew up in the Philippines prior to migrating to Australia with my family. I am a parent of two toddlers who absolutely love and fear monsters. They enjoy coloring in pictures of monsters — they are the reason why BlueMonster has a donut on her horn and is equipped with a backpack. My children are the inspiration for the themes and emotions surrounding ColorMonsters. Children are pure-hearted, kind, loving, curious and always open-minded. This is how I envisioned ColorMonsters to be. My children are also cheeky — we know that the ColorMonsters love donuts and can sometimes find it challenging to share sweet treats with their monster friends — just like my toddlers who are still learning the meaning of sharing. I also get a lot of support from my partner who is very hands-on. Being a parent makes my life incredibly busy but because of my partners support, combined with my passion, I am able to be present and embark on this journey in the NFT space. I am unapologetically blending ambitions and parenthood.

My mother is also my source of inspiration. She was born with a congenital disorder where she had missing limbs. Growing up she was ashamed of how she looked. She would always wear long dresses to hide her prosthetic leg from the world. I grew up watching her feel inferior because of her ability and appearance. This is why the ColorMonster wearing a prosthetic leg means so much to me and will forever hold a sentimental value to my heart.

I studied design because art has always been my passion and from there I moved on to working as a Product Designer within technology. I have over 15 years of experience in design, varying from eCommerce, entertainment, insurance, travel and startups. My expertise coupled with my love for the NFT and web3 space is valuable to ColorMonsters success. I am not alone in this venture, I have a great team who happens to also be my best friends who have always believed in my devotion to succeed and my strengths as a designer. I am so appreciative that they have chosen to invest in me. With them, my family and our amazing ColorMonsters community, I believe that we can succeed through ColorMonsters. We will not just be seen in the NFT space but also be recognised in the conventional world.

The web3 world has opened up new opportunities in owning digital assets. I envision NFTs will play a game-changing part in animation where people can finally own certain characters starred in a show or movie. Imagine for a moment that you own a ColorMonster NFT and this specific monster features in a children's animation series. You, as the owner of that ColorMonster NFT will then earn rewards per episode that is aired. You can also create merchandise based on the monster, as long as they adhere to our brand guidelines, terms and conditions. The future of animation in the web3 world rewards artists and investors for their hard work.

I discovered NFTs back in April 2021 but didn’t invest in it, a mistake I wish I could have rectified but don’t we all?! If only we knew then, what we know now… I chose to build an NFT project because I have always had an entrepreneurial heart, it is my dream to build something from the ground up. I think the NFT space has opened up so many opportunities to be able to build something you love while having a community to help you validate the decisions you make along the way. I love the fact that I am building a product that the community wants and it’s so easy to get in touch with them. Our roadmap, for example, has been changed a couple of times and this will change again because NFT is changing every day at a fast pace and we want to cater to that and most importantly to our community.

Fun fact about me: I love zumba! I have always wanted to become a dancer and zumba is training me for just that, whilst keeping me fit too :)

Fave quote: The best way to predict your future is to create it.

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Ash AKA YellowMonster: Secretary & Community Support

My mum is from Perth, my dad is from Adelaide. I was born and bred in Melbourne, Australia and I moved to Sydney when I was about 6 years old. I spent a lot of my childhood in Adelaide spending time with my grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. Those were my most cherished years. I was an only child from a very small family, who are spread out all over Australia and New Zealand. Even at a long distance, I still hold each one of them close to my heart. My parents were both in the Australian Air Force, so we moved around a fair bit and I was always teased for being a military brat in my younger years at school. It wasn’t all fun though as my parents divorced when I was about 10 years old and surprisingly enough I chose to stay with my dad. A few years down the track, both my parents remarried to beautiful partners that I still call family today and I took on 2 step brothers and 4 step sisters. So I went from being the only child, to having 6 siblings overnight. Fast forward to today, I live in Sydney with my 2 beautiful cats. Neo is my first born, who was found in a car park when she was only a few weeks old and I have recently adopted a beautiful little boy, George who is just 3 months old. Neo and George are still getting used to each other but I’m hoping we will all be a happy little family in no time.

I work as an Executive Assistant to the Head of Private Equity and Office Manager at an Investment firm and I previously worked as an EA in the Defense Force so I am very comfortable with fast paced environments. This is why I enjoy the NFT space, because of how fast things move and evolve. I work alongside high level executives who run organizations and it’s my role to keep the office flowing in a strategic direction. I achieve results by being organised and adapting quickly to forever changing circumstances. I build strong, professional, relationships quickly which makes me a big team player, these are qualities that are highly valuable to the CM project. I am transparent, honest and a very accepting person, who loves to meet people from all walks of life, which perfectly aligns with the ColorMonster brand — no matter who you are, you belong here.

If money wasn’t an issue, I would spend my time traveling. I would love to explore the world and visit every country, not just to holiday but to learn all the amazing cultures and history that different ethnicities have to offer. I would also love to own an animal sanctuary where every animal feels wanted and loved.

Fun fact about me: Most people just see the fun and outgoing version of Ash, but would be shocked to find, I am a gentle and sensitive soul. Deep down I am a hopeless romantic, the real cheesy style and I also wanted to be a ballerina when I was younger!

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Odie AKA PurpleMonster: Community Manager

I spent the first 12 years of my childhood in Manila, Philippines, before migrating to Sydney, Australia and have been living here ever since.

I work for a leading transport and roads company in Australia that upholds the mission of keeping our city moving in the Transport sector. I’m a Sourcing and Hire Manager and I lead a high-performing, diverse team of procurement professionals to manage the ongoing delivery of maintaining the rail tracks for the Transport Industry. Our objective is to achieve customer and operational excellence with a high focus on safety.

My team manages high value and complex procurement panel activities encompassing procure-to-pay systems, spend analysis and benchmarking data to achieve value for money and competitive commercial outcomes for our customers. Thus, I ensure that we collaborate with our suppliers and key customers to achieve our objectives.

What I like about the NFT space is I’m finding the synergy of the business aspect that I already have experience in my line of work. When I’m presented with a project I look at 3 things, complexity, risk and value. Similarly, when I look at a NFT project I look at 3 things, art, community, and utility. My work is about building good relationships with all the key customers to achieve our objectives and financial expenditure. I apply this to my approach when in the NFT community, in Twitter spaces and during liaison with other collaborative projects.

Having my team nominated by the Transport Industry to win the Team of the Year Award was a proud moment for me. It’s a testament to the notion that when you take care of the people in your community, they feel safe, confident and happy to deliver on their goals. This is what I bring to the ColorMonster NFT project.

Fun facts about me: I like boxing and training with my friends, not competitively, just fun vibes. Heavy machinery enthusiast, something about big yellow machinery intrigues me. I love all things relating to leadership, motivational quotes about life, relationships and wisdom. My wife and partner in crime is the one and only OrangeMonster.

Fave quote: If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together — African Proverb

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Cat AKA GreyMonster: Business & Finance

I am loving and caring, which is what RedMonster loves about me. We have had a perfect bond from the start, about a decade ago and we have been inseparable since.

I am a member of CPA Australia, currently working as an accountant for an IT company for over 12 years. I am involved in the background of ColorMonsters on the business side, such as setting up the business structure, bookkeeping, and more importantly how we follow the guidelines of Australian taxation law.

One main important thing I emphasize that everyone should be aware of in the NFT space is keeping records and tracking your NFT purchases, this also applies to when you flip them. You need to make sure you are up to date with the legislation in your residing country. And of course, do not spend 100% of your profits. NFTs are relatively new, therefore, many tax offices have not yet issued guidance on how NFTs are taxed. However, this does not mean you will not pay tax on NFTs, it will depend on whether you are a business or an individual, a buyer, seller or a project creator.

Fun fact about me: I enjoy watching all sports and I love playing basketball.

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Nix AKA RedMonster: Business & Legal

I work for 1 of Australia’s top 4 banks as a Business Banking Manager. I like to add value with a personal approach in getting to know my clients and how their business runs as it allows me to be open and honest. ColorMonsters is a passion project for BlueMonster and the Monster Team. My job skills come into play with the business side of things. I am exposed to many different industries, financials, cash flows & overall business acumen, so the skills and trends that I see along with the current market will help direct our business for success. I like to think that my personal interactions and experiences help to grow the community, to allow every monster to feel at home and comfortable to just chat without having to grind.

I have been in a strong and loving relationship with GreyMonster for 10 years and 3 of those years — married. We had a beautiful wedding in Hawaii back in 2018 with most of the Monster Team in attendance. We are expecting our first child in May of this year. If you want to know about our process — I am more than happy to disclose to you in our community chat as it has been a long but fruitful journey.

I believe having GreyMonster as an accountant really helps in planning and making our financial goals a reality. With her knowledge of tax legislation and my knowledge of lending standards and products, we can strategically plan what we do next and how to reduce our taxable income in the process. We are human and there are always mistakes to learn from, but we do our best with what we have.

If I could change one thing in my life to make tomorrow a breeze, it would be to have a home by the beach where I can relax and not have to worry about working a day in my life. Realistically though, I wouldn’t change a thing as I love the journey I’ve been on, along with the challenges that come with it.

Fun fact about me: I like to try all things adrenaline-related; riding motorcycles, bungee jumping, skydiving, etc. Those things have come to a quick stop because I’m pregnant, but I’m looking forward to becoming a mother in the next few months.

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Jayne AKA PinkMonster: Community Support

I am the youngest of four children and there is an eight-year gap to my brother, who is the second youngest. My parents migrated to Australia in 1977, when my oldest sister was a newborn. When my parents arrived in Sydney, they had nothing but the clothes on their backs and sought help from the charity St Vincent DePaul, who provided my family with furniture and necessities to get started. To this day my family gives back to that charity as our family is so thankful for everything that they gave.

I have a very loving family and my parents worked very hard to give my siblings and I the best life they could. I also have friends that have become my family. I am very lucky to have these people in my life. They make me laugh, they comfort me through tough times and they have played a big part in shaping the individual I am today.

I work for an Australian-based electronics retail store. I have been working here for over 11 years and it has helped me become very knowledgeable on the latest tech. I also have great customer service skills and I know how to manage and communicate with a team. I also have a Bachelor in Public Communications and Majored in Advertising, which is valuable to ColorMonsters. I am well connected, which helps the Monsters Team get their needed tech.

The most important thing in customer service is honesty. I see salespeople at some retailers take advantage of customers’ lack of knowledge and sell them something that they don’t need. It all comes down to trust and figuring out the best solution for the customer. That’s what keeps customers coming back. Another important thing I’d like people to know is that retail workers are humans too. Treat them nicely as they are doing their best to provide you with the best service they can around busy periods such as Black Friday sales and Christmas shopping. Working retail hours is tough, if I worked a normal 9 to 5 Monday to Friday job, I would take advantage of the weekend and spend more time with the people that are most important to me.

Fun fact about me: I can play the drums and used to play competitive tennis.



Soda AKA OrangeMonster: Collab Manager & Author

I was born in a refugee camp in Palau Bidong, Malaysia 1989. I was raised by a strong, Vietnamese, single mother, who escaped the aftermath of the Vietnam War, to give me a better life here in Sydney, Australia.

I am a Medical Scientist, I specialize in manufacturing a blood stem cell product, which is used to commonly treat children with leukemia, cancers and blood disorders. When I’m not quality controlling the laboratory, you would find me being a barber on the weekends, my side hustle. I have over 14 years of experience in my working career and I possess a unique set of skills that complements the ColorMonsters NFT project, my main focus — human behavior. I like to see how investors think, how the community gels together and how the people in the web3 space behave, especially when their identity is concealed. I absorb information, large ranges and fast. This is highly effective as being ColorMonsters collaboration manager, it allows me to research projects in-depth, to gauge whether our values align before embarking on the collaboration itself.

Fun fact about me: I am licensed to bear firearms for hunting! Oh, and I am also married to PurpleMonster.

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Kaz AKA BrownMonster: Animation Head of Production

I am the Marketing & Events Director at №1 Draft Pick Basketball Academy. In charge of showcasing our skills development program to our grassroots and increasing participation of basketball in New South Wales, and the whole of Australia.

I have been in the Animation Industry for over 22 years. I started with traditional 2D animation (pen to paper) and have seen the industry evolve to its current lifelike simulated 3D animation. I have worked with many experienced animators, directors, and creative directors over the years. I am one of the most sought-after production managers, which producers acquire to be part of their productions. I am about to start a new 3D animation project with SLR Production in 2022 which is to be the head of production on our upcoming season 2 of Space Nova. An animated 3D TV series broadcast by ABC Australia, Channel Nine, Super RTL & ZDF in Germany.

To be asked to join the amazing team at ColorMonsters is a privilege and an honor. I can see the passion and also the direction in which the team has on this project. With my experience and connections with experienced artists and animators, we will take the creative direction to a new level of class, fun and engagement. We will create valuable assets that our consumers will be proud and willing to be a part of. With our experience, this project will have a WOW factor. ColorMonsters will brighten up everyone’s world!

Being in the industry for so long and having a set way of creating > producing > broadcasting animation, artists and people involved have always been a start-stop scenario. What I love about the opportunity of animation in the web3 world, is that we can be part of our passion. We can be engaged and hold part of something that we are passionate about. Monetary or not, to be able to support a project and provide value to it, is something new to animation. Artists being rewarded for their work and being acknowledged is very much encouraged. Artists have always been at the back of the pack. Let us bring artists to the forefront of the web3 world! Animation has always been known to have a great engagement with its audience. Animation in the web3 world will innovate new ways of engagement which I am excited to be a part of.

The purity of children’s imagination is an asset. Children’s TV has always been guarded and to produce animation for this guarded market, producers have to have the best characters, the best stories and the best designs. The reward has always been to see children’s eyes light up in excitement. To hear them sing your theme song. To hear them recall their favorite characters. Our biggest life impressions start at the youngest age. To leave an impression at this stage of their lives is both exciting and honorable.

In all projects that I’m involved in, I always look at the market and audience. Identifying your brand and creating a point of difference so that the audience who might not know you, starts being interested or wanting more, this is what motivates me. We have a great brand, it is just time to expand it outside of the community to build a larger community. To continue to show the brand values and purposes, and directions — because CM is clearly a project with eye-catching designs. First impressions are already great. Let’s provide our audience with life-long impressions.

Fun fact about me: #KazNeverStops — my creativity expands beyond animation, design and basketball. I have a passion for empowering women in sports. I have helped with LGBT tennis clubs, basketball clubs and badminton clubs to help set up their foundational business and marketing models. For diversity, inclusion and the bottom line, to make sure that every single person that walks through their sports club doors, is welcomed and has the best time. Again, it’s all about leaving a lifelong impression — memories last a lifetime!



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