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ColorPaper is the ColorMonsters white paper, an informational document that will shed some light on what we are building. Why ColorPaper? Because ColorMonsters believes in inclusion, and gives equal measure to all of the colors — we don’t whitelist or blacklist, we ColorList!

ColorPaper for ColorMonsters.

We view NFT projects as start-ups, thus we are applying the lean start-up methodology — introducing a minimum viable product to test the waters and, going back and forth with our community, learn what works and what doesn’t. Our approach is to gather regular feedback and continually adjust as needed, creating a more sustainable business, that also involves and engages the ColorMonsters community.


  • A collection of 5,555 NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain
  • ColorMonsters animation
  • Community-driven utilities
  • Building a brand beyond Web3, and building the future of Web3 with the ColorMonsters community at the heart of our journey
Some of the ColorMonsters characters

ColorMonsters Animation

We are creating a ColorMonsters animated series, with short episodes that will feature the ColorMonsters characters, and storylines that focus on teaching young children about inclusivity.

The series will include holders’ personal ColorMonsters characters, and holders will be rewarded to use their characters. If the holder sells their NFT, then the rewards will get transferred to the new NFT holder.

We hope that this animation will be a bridge between the NFT/digital world, and the conventional entertainment world — we want ColorMonsters to gain popularity across media platforms, allowing us a greater reach in our mission to teach future generations. This would open up many possibilities to innovate within the educational space for children.

We are also looking to partner with mainstream brands, to promote positivity and inclusivity in their brands with the use of the ColorMonsters characters. There are so many brands out there that can potentially use the ColorMonsters, we can almost ‘taste the rainbow’!

“Remember this, whoever you are, however you are, you are equally valid, equally justified, and equally beautiful.” — Juno Dawson

Community Driven Utilities

In addition to what we’ve mentioned above, we want to create utilities that will be valued by the ColorMonsters community. We shared our roadmap v1.0 in our Discord, and encouraged the community to voice their opinions and ideas; we then revised our roadmap based on their feedback.

The first collection of the ColorMonsters NFT funds will be used to grow our team, the project and the community.


Grow our community by collaborating with other NFT projects. Run community events and giveaways with CL, SuperMonster role, and ColorMonsters NFTs as prizes. The Team will also dox before we launch.

At 20% minted

We will invest 100% of the funds into growing the community, by establishing partnerships in the NFT space. We will be running marketing promotions to maintain long-lasting, ongoing relationships with the ColorMonsters community. We will also AirDrop three ColorMonsters to three random ColorMonsters NFT holders.

At 40% minted

A member-exclusive ColorMonsters store is unlocked, featuring limited edition tees, hoodies, and other goodies. Discord members and ColorMonsters NFT holders with the SuperMonster role will receive a mystery gift (must have the SuperMonster role on Discord to receive the mystery gift). All ColorMonsters NFT holders will also go into a draw to win the mystery gift, and five winners will be chosen!

At 50% minted

We will pay back our investors and team. We will only pay our investors and team after the collection is minted at 50%.

At 60% minted

We will auction three super rare ColorMonsters, and donate all the funds garnered by the auction to three charities that will be chosen by the community.

At 80% minted

We begin development of the first season of the ColorMonsters animation.

At 100% minted

We will donate 10% of the FINAL sales to charities chosen by the community.

It’s raining donuts

After SOLD-OUT initiatives

The breakdown of funds

30% TAX
30% team and investors
30% our ColorMonstersWorld and the community
10% charities (chosen by the community)

Additional plans

  • We plan to auction some of our super rare ColorMonsters, with all funds raised going back into our community pot — both to grow our community, and to share it with charities we collectively support.
  • A monthly collaboration with other artists who share the same values as the ColorMonsters, as well as working to partner up with mainstream brands.
  • Community prized events to highlight the most dedicated advocates of the ColorMonsters. These advocates will help us better shape the ColorMonsters future.

Another future utility is owning the ColorMonsters commercial licence. When you own a ColorMonsters NFT, you also own the commercial licence to it, as long as you adhere to the brand guidelines. It is very important that we maintain the brand identity, integrity and reputation of ColorMonsters, particularly as we work toward partnering with mainstream brands. We want these brands to feel confident that the ColorMonsters characters are always used to inspire positivity, creativity, empowerment and, most importantly, inclusivity.

A second collection of ColorMonsters to mint for FREE was also part of our roadmap v1.0, although, taking into consideration what our community had to say, we understand that there has to be some unique utility to the ‘free’ mint, or it will be seen as pure vanity breeding and creates no demand. Our revised proposed plan for the second collection is as follows:

  • The first day you own a ColorMonsters NFT, you earn a donut (1 day = 1 donut). The more ColorMonsters NFTs you own, the more donuts you receive each day.
  • You can use the donuts to purchase the second collection, or pay a low mint price. The amount of donuts you need to purchase the second collection is still TBD.

As the ColorMonsters NFT project and community grow together, it is important that we continuously reward the holders.

This is only a proposal for now, and will need to be approved by the ColorMonsters community.

Cute red monster on a candy saying: Speak your truth, say it proud Be yourself, !roar out loud!

Building a brand beyond Web3, with the ColorMonsters community at the heart of our journey

We are not just a PFP project — we want to build a Web3 global brand, that will go beyond the internet metaverse. We want to bring the ColorMonsters brand, its values and its IP to the world, where we will partner up with mainstream brands — colorful brands for children are great candidates for this. The ColorMonsters animation will also help build the bridge from Web3 to the world.

We are passionate about the blockchain, and what the future of Web3 holds for us all. We are in a golden age right now, where we can help shape the future of Web3. NFTs are the gateway to the metaverse — it is only a matter of time before the conventional world and the brands we know will have their own NFTs — why not start with the ColorMonsters!

The ColorMonsters community is at the heart of our jouney, as we are only strong as our community. We want to constantly learn and explore new ways of utilising Web3 technologies, and continuously bring in different ways for ColorMonsters holders to unlock more utilities with their ColorMonsters NFTs. Join us in shaping and innovating the future of the ColorMonsters!

Thank you for your time and consideration. We encourage any ideas and feedback you may have, and as always, look forward to hearing what our community has to say!

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